Fitzgerald Charity Organization

A non-profit initiative dedicated to transforming the lives of those less fortunate in Cambodia. Our aim is to provide basic amenities, creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for people to thrive.



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Our Challenge

Millions in Cambodia face the harsh realities of poverty daily, lacking basic necessities. This poverty cycle not only creates health problems but also poses severe social, economic and environmental challenges.

Our Solution
To It All

We counter these problems with practical, sustainable solutions.Our focus is clear: championing environmental preservation, advancing education, promoting sustainable energy, and providing stable, legal job opportunities.

Through these pillars, we're shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for Cambodia. One Solution at a Time


Our Initiatives at FCO

At Fitzgerald Charity Organization, every project is more than just an act; it's a step towards change. Here's a glimpse:

We work with a diverse group of international and local non-governmental organizations, micro-finance institutions, corporate partners, and local and national authorities.


Green Energy:

We're in the process of introducing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fuel sources, ensuring a cleaner tomorrow.


Education for All:

With free English lessons offered in Siem Reap, we believe in empowering both the young and the adult, setting them on a path of lifelong learning.


Future Endeavors:

Our horizon is expansive. Soon, we'll be embracing advanced agricultural practices like aqua/hydroponics, setting the stage for sustainable agriculture in Cambodia.

Our Impact On
The Community

Our efforts have tangible results. Families have found shelter, communities have accessed clean water, children have taken their first English lessons. Many have also transitioned to greener energy solutions. But our journey doesn't end here. With every endeavor, we aim to leave a lasting, positive footprint in Cambodia's heart.


What people are saying about us

We are always on the look out for other charitable organizations to collaborate with.


Make A Difference Today!

Every contribution brings us closer to our goal. Whether you contribute your time, skills, or resources, your support propels us forward. Let's co-create a brighter future.

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